Often, in the visual arts, viewers wish that painters would construct worlds that are enlightened with a great mystery and complexity. Well, in her bright and witty paintings Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman, a painter and sculptor, brings exactly these high qualities. In her work, entitled Luminosity, at Jean Stephen Galleries, Blazevic brings a serious academic depth and the sense of compelling knowledge. For example, in her painting Lilith, Eve, Einstein & Michelangelo: History of Time, Blazevic demonstrates her understanding of literature, physics, mythology and light. Eve holds out the apple while Einstein looks on with a stoic gaze. The serpent, paradise and underworld collide on canvas as Blazevic-Krietzman illustrates a mystical combination of history and art. Krietzman’s exhibition is an optimistic and bygone.

J.P. Johnson, from: Theatre, Film & Arts magazine

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