From 1992, until 2007, I lived in Minneapolis, the largest city in the American State of Minnesota, which is a part of the Upper Midwest region, bordered by Canada to the north. Often, Minnesota experiences winters in which temperatures drop to minus 30 degrees. When it’s so cold, many house windows ice-up with large, winding veins of ice on the glass. Every winter, the windows on the back of our house would also ice-up on the outside. While looking through them into our backyard, I could only see on the other side the braids of abstract, frozen springs, knots and ropes. Perfectly intertwined, they looked like the anatomy of some extraterrestrial landscape. The ice would stay until the beginning of spring, when the sun and the rain would start to make their own mobile decorations on the windows.

© Copyright Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman