The Athenaeum in La Jolla, CA, has recently featured a photography show by the artist and writer Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman. As she suggests in her catalogue, the pieces in her show present juxtapositions of images of the spectacular Italian Venice and the famous Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is, images of Italian Venice and the images of Venetian in Las Vegas were placed side by side, producing a surprising visual outcome; often, it was not possible to discern where particular images were from: Venice, Italy, or Venice, Las Vegas. Blazevic-Krietzman in her statement explains that her idea for Venice in Las Vegas came from her “curiosity as to why we copy things we like (or dislike), and why the copies of some remarkably unique artwork and architecture make us (almost) as excited, amused and surprised as the originals themselves.” And while the Venetian will never have the allure of the real Venice, the act of recreating a masterpiece certainly sheds light on the original and provides a basis for a greater dialogue.

Sheena Ghanbari, San Diego Visual Arts Net; Picked Raw Peeled, 2/12, 2010.

© Copyright Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman