Artist`s statement

I grew up in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia in Europe. Croatia is situated between the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Croatia’s long and rich history and culture, which harmoniously combine the medieval and modern cities and places in the continental part of the country with the ancient Roman architecture at the Dalmatian coast, have deeply influenced my way of looking at how people and nature cohabitate and nurture, or not, each other. This ongoing process of getting to know, both people and the environments they live in, is the ground on which I’m building in my paintings, sculptures and drawings the monochrome or colorful forms surrounded by organically or inorganically looking environment. I take the same approach in doing my photography and my writing as well; vicariously documenting various places, people and things at certain moments in time. For my entire life, I’ve been traveling all over the United States and all over the world, learning again and again about how to fully understand and portray the rhythm, pattern, depth, contrast perspective and relationships among nature, people and things.

© Copyright Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman